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SGI Goes International.....

SGI Education Announces Ground-Breaking International Football Partnership with Professional Spanish Outfit Atletico De Marbella Paraiso

The collaboration is designed to offer a genuine pathway into professional football with the senior team with players representing the B team whilst developing a full-time training model.

The partnership provides a bridge between European football and launches its academy centres in Marbella and London

This will offer 16-21-year-olds a structured football and development programme that combines an excellent footballing provision whilst representing the Atletico De Marbella B team. Players will develop under the expertise of Jamie McDonough who has been appointed as Head Coach.

Jamie McDonough is an accomplished figure in both Spain and the UK who will serve to develop as many players into the first team. Jamie is a UEFA A license coach with an illustrious track record of player development.

The partnership is an unparalleled opportunity for players to represent the Atletico De Marbella Paraiso ‘B’ Team. Players will have access to opportunities throughout the season to train with the first team, providing an invaluable chance for the academy's aspiring talents to learn from seasoned professionals and showcase their abilities on a larger stage.

Under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced coaches, players will undergo rigorous training sessions focused on technical and tactical development, individual skill enhancement, and teamwork dynamics, all contributing to the nurturing of well-rounded and highly skilled footballers.

Boasting state-of-the-art, pro-like facilities, including top-of-the-line training grounds, cutting-edge technology for performance analysis, and specialized fitness and recovery areas, the academy is designed to immerse players in a professional football environment.

Such a direct pathway to professional football offers an unmatched experience for young players, motivating them to excel academically and athletically.

Additionally, an exciting opportunity awaits trialists, as they will have a chance to participate in a fixture against the Atletico Marbella 1st Team on the 5th of September. This match offers a unique chance for players to test their abilities against top-tier professionals, further solidifying the academy's commitment to providing an authentic and challenging football experience.

SGI Education and CD Atletico Marbella Football Academy is now accepting applications.

Aspiring talents can seize the chance to become a part of this transformative program by applying via the following link;

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