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Sports Group 

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Established in 2020, SGI is the owner of football and education related businesses in major cities around the world, including football clubs, academies and training centres.


It is our ambition to increase opportunity on and off the field, to find and develop the best footballing talent, and to create

seamless pathways for aspiring players. 

Our centres are diverse with students and players from all around the world, making us the destination for unsigned talents outside of the professional game.

SGI are a UK government approved training provider specialising in helping young people to reach their potential. 



SGI are dedicated to the ongoing development and management of our players’ careers in football and further afield.

Your full-time football programme will be led by highly qualified UEFA licensed coaches, former professional players and managers alike who combine their industry networks to provide showcase opportunities for our players. 

Players will develop under a proven premier league club-level coaching syllabus to enhance their skills and prepare them for opportunities with our bespoke club affiliates and beyond. 

We also align the latest sport science with structured conditioning and nutrition to empower players to reach optimal levels of performance.  

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As an accredited training provider, we deliver a range of officially recognised worldwide qualifications.


Every year, we nurture, develop and educate hundreds of 16-24 year old learners to achieve at our sporting excellence academies.


Our specialist tutors will support students with their college and university qualifications alongside our full time football programmes. 



Our success is built on yours, at SGI we work together to create opportunities for our players using our extensive industry networks, club affiliates and experienced Intermediary team. 

Players will experience life like a professional with full time training and a season of competitive fixtures including access to International Camps, Tours & prestigious match fixtures.

With years of experience working with professional clubs and procuring player transfers, we make sure our players receive coverage to all-important decision makers and global audiences whilst helping to increasing their employability through our bespoke qualifications. 

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SGI has a spectrum of professional club affiliates which work together to offer genuine player pathways.

Players can access our club pathways, unrivalled coaching support, football expertise and academic offering including access to industry leaders, masterclasses and trial opportunities. 

Our in house agency use it's global network of contacts and partners to ensure that no matter where you are, your career is taken care of both on and off the pitch.


We collaborate with leading colleges, universities and language schools to enable us to attract, nurture and develop the best unsigned talent around the world.  


If you have a question or would like to work with us in the future, please do contact us.

Curtis House

34 Third Avenue



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